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About Me

There has been one constant throughout my life: I like to make things. Art and design have shaped all of my personal and professional pursuits. For as long as I can remember, I have always been drawing, painting and taking photos. Ultimately, my passion for the arts led me to the Rhode Island School of Design, where I majored in Graphic Design. There, I was exposed to new disciplines such as typography, screen-printing, and stone carving.

While in Providence, I found a raw warehouse space that would serve as an opportunity to pursue my interest in industrial design. While living there, my roommates and I built two kitchens, eight bedrooms with lofts, two DJ booths, six different iterations of a half pipe skateboard ramp, a screen printing studio and eventually, after graduation, an office space where I started my own design firm, Adroit Designers LLC.

When family obligations had me return to Pennsylvania, I accepted a job at an interactive agency that specialized in building e-commerce websites for global brands. I worked my way up from designer to associate creative director in 5 years. It was here that I honed my UX and leadership skills which resulted in successfully launching numerous e-commerce websites and winning new accounts for the agency.

A great friend and former colleague presented me with an opportunity at Vanguard to lead a redesign of their retail web site. This role offered me tremendous growth as a creative leader as I would be responsible for delivering a multi-year, massive overhaul of not just the new website design, but all the process and methodologies that would be foundation for the UX and marketing departments at Vanguard. I spent the last 6 years reshaping the user experience practice at Vanguard and successfully delivered the retail site redesign in 2015.

After delivering the new site to production, I set my sights west, chasing new opportunities and better weather. I am now living in Los Angeles, excited to contribute to the thriving creative community.