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Architecture & UX Design

YourFund is a start-up venture originating from within a mature credit card processing company. The service offers small businesses without a lot of equity, access to capital to grow and expand, while creating new investment opportunities for individuals and institutions. The concept leverages YourFund’s credit card processing business by allowing small businesses who use their merchant services the ability to enter an online auction marketplace where investors bid to establish the rate for the loan. Loans are paid back to the investors with each credit card transaction by the borrower‘s business.

Visit the YourFund prototype
(Fully Responsive)

competitive analysis

In the first deliverable to the YourFund, I researched a list of marketplace competitors provided by the client to discover potential key opportunities to differentiate this new service. During this exercise, I provided YourFund with a detailed analysis of persuasion techniques, user experience and content strategy of key pages of the competitors websites.

mood boards

YourFund had an existing identity that had been developed by another agency. The identity included a logo mark, color pallet and fonts selection. Utilizing these existing assets I created 3 mood boards to establish the design direction for the user interface of the new site.

user interface

Once we established a design direction for the user interface, I designed and coded the individual components to be used to layout pages and code the front-end prototypes.

information architecture

YourFund developed high level user flows and site requirements for the loan auction marketplace with other consultants, however, they still need to tie everything together and focus more on the prospecting user experience. Working with existing documentation and an analysis of competitors, we developed a site architecture and taxonomy for the new site.

site design

Once we established a site map and taxonomy, we then identified key initial pages to design and build fully responsive prototypes. Once these initial pages were developed, I designed and built the majority of the subsequent fully responsive pages in the browser which greatly reduced efforts that are associated with transitioning static layouts to development teams to produce. These prototypes were then transferred over to the development team where the code was integrated with minimal effort.

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