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Identity, Apparel & Print Design

The velodrome was built in 1975 by Bob Rodale in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania. Located in the Trexlertown, it has always been affectionately called T-Town by locals and athletes. The velodrome was looking to drive more merchandise revenue and raise awareness by creating an identity for this nickname. I was responsible for the design of this identity and building a new brand that would be the foundation for future merchandise and events.


Leveraging the color pallet of the title corporate sponsor, Valley Preferred Health Network, I created a mark for T-Town that was versatile, modern, edgy, fast, powerful and borrowed the physical shape of the track for the “O” in town. The T-Town bolt, representing the power of the athletes, was then used to carry through all the secondary marks to bring continuity to the various programs and events the velodrome hosted for the community.

2011 master nationals

In the first season of the T-Town identity, the velodrome hosted the Masters Track National Championships. This was a marque event for the season which provided a great opportunity to extend the new brand to drive merchandise sales and generate greater awareness both locally and nationally for the velodrome. This event generated the most merchandise sales for any special event ever held at the velodrome.

2011 season

Working along side with the Velodrome’s marketing director, we developed a campaign for the 2011 season playing off the T-Town bolt and weekly professional racing event which took place every Friday night. The concept connected the athletes power, commonly measured in wattage, to the bolt which in turn, powered the “Friday Night Lights.” Merchandise sales more than tripled compared to the previous season.

2012 season

Olympic years always bring the best international talent to the velodrome. Athletes are looking for UCI points to qualify for their countries Olympic selection. It was with this context that working with the velodromes marketing director, we developed the 2012 season around the past, present and future Olympians the velodrome has produced. Three connected T-Town bolts would represent each time period to emphasize the continuity of the velodromes place in this Olympic history.

community programs

T-Town has a long history of providing cycling programs to the local community. Officially registered as a public park, everyone is encouraged to come and enjoy the track. Corporate sponsors enable these programs which bring together people of all ages from the community for fitness and competition on the velodrome. I designed post cards that provided both a unifying layout and the opportunity to showcase the unique aspects the programs.

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