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Site Redesign

Thomson Bike Tours has a reputation for providing avid cyclists with some of the most challenging tours throughout Europe and southeast Asia. With their current site showing its age, Thomson was looking to redesign their site to be fully responsive, better showcase their trip photography and provide detailed GPS data driven information graphics about every aspect of the bike tours.

competitive analysis

In an effort to better understand their unique position in the market, I conducted a detailed analysis of their competition. This effort exposed key opportunities and helped to drive requirements for the new site.

information architecture

After an in depth analysis of Thomson’s current site structure and that of their competitors, I developed a new site map and taxonomy that would provide more pathways for users to find trips that meet their needs. I then wire framed every major page type in order to define CMS requirements for the new site.

site design

Working from the wireframes, I created static layouts at four major break points to deliver to our developement team to code. In order to help illustrate the desired responsiveness of the user interface, I experimented with Adobe Reflow to generate working prototypes of the home and trip overview pages. The code deliverable from Reflow proved to be unusable for the development team, however it did provide more value than traditional red lines and documentation in articulating the desired experience.

Adobe Reflow prototype
(Fully Responsive)
Thank you