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Identity, UX Design & App Prototype

FetchVet is an app that enables pet owners to schedule in home veterinary care. The app manages veterinary records, medications and schedules for pet owners and provides business services such customer acquisition and digital record management for vets. I was hired to design FetchVet's identity and user experience.


The identity for FetchVet focused on creating a unique and memorable mark that veered from depictions of dog & cat that saturate the market. The mark is built on the initials of FetchVet that create a figurative heart to emphasize care, which is the ultimate value of the service for users. In coordination with the mark, the rounded type gives the identify an approachable friendly tone while maintaining a trustworthy, professional and clean appearance.


The FetchVet palette needed to be lively, energetic and fun, while still giving the user with the sense of security from a service that provides professional veterinary care. The primary colors are inspired from traditional hospital tones that have been tweaked for a modern medical service. Warm grays provide a friendly approachable base for the primary colors.


Iconography is critical in making the user experience more intuitive and visually interesting. A custom set of icons were designed to feel connected the brand identity and tone. The icons are clean, light, rounded and playful.


A full set of wireframes were designed to fully flesh out the primary user flows. These wireframes were the foundation for the user interface design.

user interface

The user interface is the result of integrating FetchVet's identity with the user flows that were established in the wireframes.

app prototype

Leveraging the user interface designs, I developed a prototype of the app that allowed for further exploration of design interactions and testing with users to refine the interface.