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RAVE, Photography & Redesign

An existing client on GSI’s e-commerce platform, iRobot had huge growth potential where GSI’s Interactive Agency could help them enhance the sites user experience. GSI Interactive would create a Rapid Assessment Visualization Exercise (RAVE) book to pitch to the client to enhance the existing e-commerce partnership with creative services. I was the creative lead in this RAVE effort that resulted in wining a full site redesign and product photography which I also lead and successfully delivered.


Working with our account and digital marketing teams, we created this Rapid Assessment Visualization Exercise book to present to iRobot. The exercise evaluates the companies current opportunities, lays out potential solutions and offers a road map to prioritize the investment based on impact and return. These RAVE books were critical in wining new business and extending existing partnerships for the agency.

Download RAVE Book

site redesign

The RAVE book pitch was successful in winning a site re-design and product photography among other creative services for the agency. In the time between the RAVE pitch and the re-design, iRobot hired the agency, Corey McPherson & Nash to refresh their brand. Working with the revised brand style guide we designed launched a new web experience for iRobot.

mood boards

The mood boards design directions were based on the new style guide provided by Corey McPherson & Nash.


A major priority for the new site was to help users understand the differences between robots. In order to help make the information and specs more scannable and easier to compare robot features, an icon system was designed to accompany products on shopping pages.

product photography

GSI Interactive had a full photography studio to shoot products for its many e-commerce clients. It was very common for the agency to package this service in with site re-designs. This gave me ultimate control to direct the look and feel of the products for the new store. For iRobot we shot their entire line of robots and accessories for the new site.

page layouts

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